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What is We Do Care?

“At my first We Do Care session (which was at Go Ape!) the workers were really welcoming and made me feel safe. It’s like having another family. I would recommend We Do Care groups to other young people because meeting others in a similar situation to me felt good.”Quote from a young person in care.

We Do Care is the name of the Buckinghamshire Children in Care Council.

The Children in Care Council is split into 3 groups: age 5-12 (We Do Care Juniors) age 12-17 (We Do Care Seniors) and age 18+ (Care Leavers).

The aim of We Do Care is to ensure the voice of care-experienced children and young people is heard and acted on, so they are empowered to shape and improve children’s services in Buckinghamshire. We Do Care also run fun and engaging activities, that help support care-experienced children and young people to grow their confidence and social skills.

We Do Care Juniors and Seniors Groups include a ‘Your Voice’ session, which gives children and young people the opportunity to talk about issues that are important to them and share ideas for improving services. Participation Workers facilitate conversations and ensure their views are heard and acted on.